United Goals Association

To equip volunteers visiting hospitals and orphanages in Ukraine, MasquesAGP® donated Airgill® masks to United Goals Association, as well as to sick children

Germinal Series

We have equipped the production team of the Série Germinal on France TV with Airgill® masks (Release scheduled for September 2021)


This project was developed for a scientific association: the first idea was to send an Airgill® mask as a useful gift during the current pandemic. But adding a spark that triggers a smile, the granules in the tube is what we call Peta Zetas where Pop Rocks is a special candy with gas inside, which makes it feel like having small discharges in the mouth. While adding a scientific explanation of how the candy provides this effect, all in packaging evoking Christmas.

This promotion was produced by the company DT Creativos.

packaging masque Airgill