The masks distributed by AGP are particularly useful in high-density spaces of people.
Thanks to Polygiene® ViralOff technology they are the most effective solution for eliminating viral particles.

Our masks are made with category UNS1 fabric offering a filtration of over 90% of 3 micron particles upto 20 washes (tests carried out by Certam laboratory certified by DGE)

High tech process, made in Korea.

Antiviral fonction
Thanks to Polygiene® ViralOff technology eliminates 99% of all viruses within 2 hours

Polygiene® ViralOff is active from the first second

Improve the comfort of your mask thanks to our nose clip

  • Nose clip treated with Polygiene® ViralOff technology
  • Sticker incorporating a malleable nose clip
  • Prevent fog on your glasses
  • Washable
  • Internal strip malleable at will
  • Easy positioning: 1 adhesive side sticking to your mask
  • High quality
  • Designed for the Airgill mask but also adaptable to other fabric masks.

Polygiène® Odor CrunchTechnology

Captures and neutralises unpleasant odours


Comfortable breathing with 3D V adjustment

Airgill® masks for the whole family

A mask that is poorly fitted to the face does not provide optimal protection.
Most masks are one size and not adjustable.

Airgill ® masks are available in 4 sizes :



everyone should be protected in the best possible way.

4 colours: Black, Alo Grey, Navy.
The Peach Pink is only available in XS and S .
size XXS is only in Navy

Blocks up to 99.8% of pollution, viruses and bacteria är Nanofilters in our är

Facemasks can block up to 99.8% of pollutants normally found in the air we breathe like smog,
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ViralOff® reduces 99% of viruses

ViralOff® is the latest antiviral treatment technology from the Swedish company Polygiene®. It reduces 99% of viruses on the surface of the mask within two hours thanks to a revolutionary self-cleaning function. The technology is certified by ISO 18184:2019.

Blocks up to 99.8% of pollution, (viruses) and bacteria

är Nanofilters in our är Facemasks can block up to 99.8% of pollutants normally found in the air we breathe like smog, bacteria, pollen and other allergens and contaminants. The ability of the filter material to block the common viruses of today has been successfully tested by Nelson Labs.

Light and comfort

Go about your day as usual. Our är Facemasks are lightweight and designed for regular daily use which means they are incredibly comfortable to wear. We go to great lengths to provide our customers with the cosiest and most breathable masks available on the market today.

Designed and Made in EU

We give style to the most cutting-edge of technologies. Our masks are designed and produced in state-of-the-art facilities within the EU so you can use a high quality face mask and feel stylish wearing it.
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