Geza Maklary after 15 years at Malden Mills, inventor of Polartec: created his textile agency in 2004 (Euroglobal Trading). Passionate about cycling, reading, traveling and his family
And what must happen ... Geza decides in 2017 to bring even more added value to its customers (sports, outdoor and workwear brands)

Patrice Reboul
, a major player in the field of sport, skate and fashion sourcing, joining im in March 2020 during the lockdown . This difficult period but conducive to reflection and creativity.

The challenge was to create a mask that is at the same time simple but performance focused thanks to on-board technologies and treatments that differentiate it from all other masks. The solution: a textile mask made in Korea. Country well known for its work ethic and these innovations in the field of textiles

The AGP mask was born. In addition to offering protection against various viruses, it offers a permanent solution against bad odors. Two technologies from the Swedish company Polygiene.

We took great pleasure in making this mask which will protect us and which we will all need well beyond Covid 19. Our mission: to provide you with a comfortable and durable solution against viruses, odors, etc.

Worse than failing, not trying . Stay tuned for our upcoming developments !!!